Membership shall be open to institutions engaged in the financing of development, whether industrial or other productive enterprise, as their exclusive or main activity.

The association shall have the following types of membership:

  1. Ordinary:
  • Institutions in the Pacific engaged in the financing of development.
  1. Special:
  • Regional or subregional development financing institutions in the Pacific;
  • International organisations with which the Association may decide to estabish and maintain a relationship under Article 4; and
  • Other institutions actively participating in the development of the Pacific.
  1. Associate:
  • National institutions with limited national operations (provincial or statewide) on the recommendations of a member institution.

Ordinary and Special Membership shall be acquired in the following manner:

  1. Eligible institutions seeking Ordinary membership in the Association shall submit applications to the Secretary of the Association in the approved form;
  1. Eligible institutions seeking Special and Associate membership shall likewise submit applications to the Secretary;
  1. Applications for membership shall be considered and decided by the Management Committee;
  1. The Secretary shall submit applications for membership to the Management Committee not later than 90 days after receipt;
  1. Upon approval of membership, or otherwise, the Secretary shall inform he applicant institution of the decision of the Management Committee;
  1. The decision of the Management Committee shall be final subject to the overriding authority of the General Meeting; and
  1. In the case of Associate Members, application should have the endorsement of an ordinary member in the country to which the prospective member belongs;
  1. Ordinary, Special and Associate Members shall pay annually such membership fees as may be prescribed by the General Meeting from time to time.

Professional Affiliation, Status and Recognition

  • Representation in the General Meeting of 21 member institutions in the region engaged in the financing of sustainable development
  • Membership in the Board of Directors of the Association

Continuing Education and Technical Assistance

  • Professional Training – specialized training ad Technical assistance projects
  • Access to advisory services from the region and internationally
  • Opportunities to travel, meet with peers and other stakeholders in the finance industry
  • Experience cultural exchange events

Business Information and Other Services

  • Business Opportunities, information exchange and networking
  • Participation in business missions, conferences, meetings and projects

ADFIP Members:

  1. Bank of the Cook Islands
  2. Banque Calédonienne d’Investissement
  3. Banque de Tahiti
  4. Banque SOCREDO
  5. BRED Pacific
  6. Development Bank of American Samoa
  7. Development Bank of Kiribati
  8. Development Bank of Samoa
  9. Development Bank of Tuvalu
  10. Fiji Development Bank
  11. Federated States of Micronesia Development Bank
  12. HFC Bank, Fiji
  13. Housing Authority of Fiji
  14. Kiribati Housing Corporation
  15. National Development Bank of PNG
  16. National Development Bank of Palau
  17. Niue Development Bank
  18. Pacific Islands Development Bank
  19. Samoa Housing Corporation Ltd
  20. Solomon Islands Home Finance Ltd
  21. Société Financière de Développement de la Polynésie Française (SOFIDEP)
  22. Tonga Development Bank
  23. Vanuatu Agricultural Development Bank

US Dollars

  • Institutions with assets below USD 2M :
    • USD 1 000 per annum
  • Institutions with assets between USD 2-20M :
    • USD 2 000 per annum
  • Institutions with assets exceeding USD 20M :
    • USD 4 000 per annum

Note: A one-time fee of USD100 is also due for new approved members.

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