Established in 1986, the Association of Development Financing Institutions in the Pacific (ADFIP) is the umbrella organisation of development finance institutions in the Pacific. ADFIP aims to promote the interests of its member organisations and advance cooperation among them, helping to find solutions to problems they face with a view to promoting growth and economic diversification while ultimately contributing to the development of Pacific Island countries.

ADFIP now represents the whole Pacific region, encompassing membership from the islands nations and Northern Pacific. In recent years, membership has also extended to include housing corporations from various Pacific Island countries.

ADFIP has developed and implemented a number of strategic plans since its inception. The strategic plan for the period 2014-2018 was developed with the recognition that the ADFIP Secretariat needed to be strengthened into a self-sustainable operation in order to effectively provide enhanced services to its members, interact with international donor agencies and be a strong link to development in the Pacific Islands region.

Four strategic pillars underpin ADFIP’s strategic plan, all with an overarching vision of sustainable development:

  • Accumulate Knowledge;
  • Advance Advocacy;
  • Acquire Funding; and
  • Attract Investment.

These strategic pillars are closely tied to ADFIP’s strategic objectives, which are represented by the acronym ‘LINK’. ‘LINK’ reflects the importance of linking members/non-members located across the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The strategic objectives identified are:

  • Liven up membership;
  • Improve people and institutional capacities;
  • Nurture advocacy work and partnerships; and
  • Keep enhancing financial soundness.


Ultimately, ADFIP will, through these Strategic Pillars and Objectives, contribute through their members to sustainable development in members’ countries.